Welcome to the 12th Annual Madison Area Music Awards Red Carpet Experience!  Our new website will be THE place to go to get news leading up to the day of the show, regular updates as the action happens, join the social media discussion, and watch the show!

Remember that the real reason we are here is for the kids!  The Madison Area Music Association is a volunteer-backed charitable organization committed to giving every child the gift of music. We want to see a future where every child – regardless of race, sex, or economic background – has the chance to play.

What are the MAMAs?

MAMA, Inc. is a non-profit organization. MAMA is an acronym for Madison Area Music Association. Each spring we hold an award show that honors the efforts of local musicians. This award show, along with the many other initiatives of MAMA, Inc. throughout the year, raises money to foster the next generation of musicians by helping fund youth music programs and by putting instruments in the hands of kids who might not otherwise have them. We work with many school districts and also community groups in the Madison area. Our objective is to keep the fundamentals of music available for our youth and to promote that cause.

Interested in Donating to the Cause?

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